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Wilfa Svart Coffee Grinder - Silver + FREE Hario Drip Kettle Air

Wilfa Svart Coffee Grinder - Silver + FREE Hario Drip Kettle Air

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Wilfa Svart Coffee Grinder in Silver

+ Get a free Hario Drip Kettle Air with every Wilfa Svart Grinder purchase worth £10. Free Delivery. 

Super high-quality coffee grinding for homes or commercial premises.

The Wilfa Svart Aroma Precision Coffee Grinder is compatible with a variety of brew methods: namely, the filter, french press, Aeropress and percolator, producing a highly consistent grind.

With an easy-to-use interface, you’ll find no trouble making a professional-tasting barrista brew, either at home or in a professional cafe environment. using the Wilfa Smart Grinder.

Made of polycarbonate and steel, with steel conical burrs and a detachable 250g hopper, this quality Wilfa coffee grinder is a portable and modern companion to any coffee connoisseur’s daily coffee routine.

Wilfa Svart Coffee Grinder Additional info:

  • Adjustable grind size for steeped brewing through to Mocca extraction
  • Intelligent grind basket to minimise mess
  • Adjustable grind time for "set and forget" coffee grinding
  • UK Three Pin plug
  • Dimensions: 310mm L x 200mm W x 160mm H
  • Warranty: Industry-leading 5-year warranty
  • SKU: WSCG-2

Hario Drip Kettle Air

Designed for pour over coffee at home. Hario Drip Kettle AIR.

The Hario Drip Kettle AIR design makes pouring easy, with a lightweight, sturdy and transparent material that allows you to see the movement of the water. Measurements along the side for more exact pouring. 
Winner of the 2020 Good Design Award.
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