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Copper Jigger 25/50ml - Drinks Measurements

Copper Jigger 25/50ml - Drinks Measurements

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Copper Jigger 25/50ml 

Pour the perfect measures with this stylish Copper Jigger. Designed with precision pouring and measuring in mind this is the perfect piece of bar kit for any professional bartender or classy home bar.

The Genware Professional Barware collection has been developed through consultation with London's finest bar specialists and Mixologists with a vision to create a leading range of professional barware for the modern age. Through a measured design process and the expertise of renowned bar specialists, the Genware barware collection brings together a concise range of essential kit which perfectly combines stunning appearance, practical craftsmanship and competitive pricing

Product Information
- Capacity 25ml & 50ml
- Height mm: 110
- Width mm: 44
- Pack size: 1

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