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Small Man Cave Ideas & Inspiration

Why should a good man cave only be for those with loads of room to spare? Do you have a small room or small space in your garden, but love the idea of having your own man cave or home bar?

 Well we want to help provide inspiration and ideas for creating your own small man cave.

 When space is limited, it can be tough to decide how best to use it. But, in this article, we'll share our advice on how you can have a fantastic man cave, even when square footage is not in plentiful supply.

Then we’ll share some of our favourite examples of small man caves from here in the UK.

Repurpose your spaces

First things first. Find the space no matter how small. If space is at a premium then is there an area of the house or garden that you already have that you can re-purpose as a man cave?

 Sheds, garages and patio areas can all be suped-up to become your very own slice of man cave loveliness. In the home, cellars are ideal. Even a conservatory can be repurposed into more than a sitting room.

 Let’s be honest, how often do you all sit in it anyway here in the UK with our weather?!  

 Here we have an example of a small patio area. Add a pergola and straight away you have an outdoor garden man cave. You can even build your shed into the back of it and keep it out of sight! 



Or if you have a smaller area in your garden then check out this lovely little bar area that has a really small foot print! 

Although tip if you are using your garden shed. Make sure you put the bar the width of the shed and not the length, to make the most of that space. 

Use space-saving furniture

 Firstly, all mancaves need furniture. Without man cave furniture, you will have nowhere to sit nothing to put your drinks on and nothing to keep stuff in (obviously!)

 But, you won't be able to just add any old living room furniture, otherwise it can ruin the feel of your home bar/man cave.

 Instead of a large sofa, consider adding a "loveseat". This is slightly larger than an average sofa chair but small enough to fit into a small room.

 Use the walls as much as you can. Use wall-mountain fold-down furniture (fold down bar anyone?), which can easily be packed away when you're not using it.

 Foldable chairs are great as you can have seating when you need it. But then move it out the way when it's no longer required.

And, if you want a mini-bar, use a layered cart to rest the booze on.


Use the corners, walls and ceilings

In any room, one of the most underused areas is the corners and walls. Most people will either leave the corner bare or push furniture up to it, or worse leave a void where other things sit in front of it. 

Then there's the walls. These aren't just for awesome neon signs. Shelving and wall mounted entertainment systems are a great way to make the most our of small man cave spaces.

The more you can put into the vertical means the less you need of the horizontal! 





Be selective with decorations

When we have our own space, we often like to decorate it to accommodate our own tastes. For some people, this may mean having displays, plants, musical instruments, statues, whatever you can think of.

But, when space is limited, you need to be careful about what decorations you have.

That said plants always add a touch of the exotic to any room, but most man caves aren't in the best place for plants to thrive. Therefore we created a selection of artificial trees and plants for you to use in your man caves for that touch of nature! 

Get the lighting right

The ideal space for a man cave is a room with a window. But, we respect that this ideal is not always possible in reality.

 If your man cave is confined to a room with no window, you can replicate the outside with a daylight bulb. Unless, of course, that's not your thing.

 Either way, think about how you would like the room lit. Because these kinds of rooms can get incredibly dark.

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