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5 Mancave Design Ideas For Your Home

When you need a break from the world, there is no better place to go than a mancave. It’s an opportunity for you to bring one of those memorable nights/locations or themes into your home!

 A mancave is when you take a room, such as a spare room, a cellar or shed, and turn it into a small getaway, where you can enjoy some of the more fun things in life.

As there are so many ways to decorate your mancave it can be challenging to pick a theme. This is why today, we'll look at seven mancave ideas along with examples you can use for inspiration for your own man cave. Being a UK man cave shop, we have focused our 7 man cave ideas primarily on UK examples.

British Pub Style Man Cave

Firstly, we have a good old traditional British pub.

 For many of us, we have some fantastic (and maybe embarrassing) memories from a night out in one pub or another. The laughs, the conversation, the ample supply of alcoholic options.

 When you’re decorating your British pub style man cave one of the main staples is the exposed wooden. You’ll find it everywhere like the bar, the tables and chairs even the walls or ceiling. Wood can make a place look older, mature, and with oozing with comforting personality.

 In terms of equipping it. Pictures on the calls is often used, especially retro metal signs. You often find a nice feature fire. You could also throw in a pool table to make it slightly more like the British tap room style.

Barstools are almost a must. As are things such as leather settee’s round tables and/or barrel tables.

 Any spirit bottles like whisky and gin should go on wooden shelves behind or above the bar, and you might want to have at least a bit of brickwork exposed.

 Here’s a few examples of home British pub style man caves.

credit: #octaviachicwigan

credit: #paddythebrush5

credit: #bill.builds

credit: #bespokemancavesuk

credit: #thewinchester

Sports Man Cave

He’s football crazy, he’s football mad. Football took away, that little bit of sense he had!

 Many of you will be huge sports fans. Be that football, rugby, F1 or boxing. You might like sports from the old US of A.

Sports themed bars do not have furniture that are musts other than bar stools, like you would get in a sports bar. There is also not specific colour palette, or flooring options. You might want to consider a neon sign or strip lighting around your bar to add a contemporary feel, but other than that, its completely down to your preference.

 If you’re planning on building a sports themed man cave then here’s a few musts:

  • The walls and shelves must be festooned with memorabilia of your favourite sportsmen or sports clubs.
  • A TV front and centre is needed for you and your friends to enjoy the big match.
  • Having a pool table, dartboard or gaming console is also not a bad shout!

Here’s a few examples of sports themed man caves from here in the UK.


credit: #mancavesport

credit: #mancavemasters

credit: thematchroom_pubshedbar

Gaming or Cinema Man Cave

Whoever says video games are for kids is not welcome in your mancave! Gaming is a modern day form of entertainment like radio, internet and the ever popular streaming services.

If you want a spot where you can play games for as long as possible, a gaming-themed mancave is a cracking idea.

Typically there are two ways to approach decorating a gaming man cave.

Create a retro themed arcade hall complete with pinball machines, retro arcade machines like Space Invaders and Street Fighter II.

Create an ultra-contemporary gaming paradise with that is all modern lighting, Nordic style furniture, a huge gaming station with big TV, gaming chairs and the latest consoles for multi-player awesomeness!

Obviously, there are some essentials for a room like this. Gaming equipment is obviously the main component. And a few neon lights are also recommended.

How for cinema man cave all you really need it a huge tv to point the furniture at and plenty of comfortable seating! 

Here’s a few gaming & cinema man caves we have found that we think look awesome!


credit: #phazr

credit: #gamers.garages


credit: #dflo2669

credit: #bespokemancavesuk

Contemporary Man Cave

 Not a fan of the old British style pub? Why not go for something modern and contemporary for your man cave.

The beauty of this approach is that you can draw inspiration from any number of sources from around the world. 
Do you love Paris chic, all things America or have you always wanted your own ultra modern space? Alternatively blend multiple styles of man cave into one (games room, sports bar and classic pub!)
Whether its bold coloured paint on the walls, neon lighting strips around the bar, mirrors everywhere or something else entirely, there are no limits to what you can do, provided the finished look feels slick and highly polished. 

Here are a few examples of modern and contemporary man caves. 

credit: #elitehomegamesrooms

Themed Man Cave 

If you want something a bit more 'one of a kind' then you can always choose a theme for your home bar or man cave. Examples of themes include  

Here are some themed bars and man caves for you to draw inspiration from. 

credit: #rockvillavienola

Whatever your dream home man cave, we hope there's enough inspiration here to help start you off! 
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