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Lindr Pygmy 20k Single Tap Home Beer Cooler & Dispenser

Lindr Pygmy 20k Single Tap Home Beer Cooler & Dispenser

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You want and deserve the best from your pint and this is why the man cave superstore has brought you the Pygmy home beer dispensing system

Get pub quality from an affordable beer cooler! 

Can be used for beers, ales, wines & other drinks. A small but powerful over-under counter beer cooler and dispenser. Does not need a separate air compressor! 

Does not need a separate air compressor!! 


Key Features:

Cold Beers

  • 20+ litres per hour (35-45 perfectly chilled pints per hour capacity)

Quiet performance 

  • Contains a silent built-in air compressor of the highest manufacturing standard. 

Perfect temperature 

  • Built-in adjustable thermostat with 7 settings for easy regulation of the perfect temperature. 

Chilling Power! 

  • Patented LINDR COOLING TECHNOLOGY – Perfectly chilled beer within minutes of turning this beer cooler/dispenser on! 

Pour the perfect pint

  • Dispensing tap comes with adjustable flow control.

Flexible installation 

  • Can be placed straight on your counter top, or can be used under-counter with a more traditional beer pump/dispensers set up. 

Everything you need out of the box 

  • Supplied with the appropriate pipework and fittings, dispensing tap, tap wrench, and speedfit fittings. 


  • Lindr’s GREEN LINE technology is more environmentally friendly thanks to the use of green refrigerant R-290.  Thanks to this, each beer cooler achieves 20% higher energy efficiency and 20% lower energy consumption.

Size Options: 


More Details:

The Pygmy Beer Coolers come with a unique system of a built-in, silent, high-quality air compressor fitted with a noise dampener and a molecule filter for incoming liquids.

With Lindr’s thermal block, the compressor cooling unit uses the power input for direct transfer to chilling, which guarantees minimum energy usage. 

Made from stainless steel to give a cleaner and more aesthetic look as well as meeting the highest requirements for hygiene standards.

This home beer cooler offers a handle on top of the machine enabling it to be carried and moved with ease. 

The Pygmy dry beer coolers can be used with a gas propellant if preferred, simply do not turn on the onboard air compressor.

Technical Details:

Weight 16.00 kg

170 x 325 x 280mm (width x height x depth)

Built-in Compressor:


Continuous Cooling Output:

20-25 Litres per hour (35-45 pints per hour)

Cooling Time:

2-4 Minutes

Minimum Beverage Temperature:

4 Degrees



Power Supply:






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