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Custom Arcade Machine - Retro Styled Multi-Gaming System

Custom Arcade Machine - Retro Styled Multi-Gaming System

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Custom Arcade Machine

Work with our design team to create your own custom housing (themed bezel)! This multi-gaming arcade machine has been designed to allow you and our designers to create a truly one-off piece of man cave retro arcade gaming. No expense is spared on these cutting edge arcade machine experiences. Perfect for the man cave gamers out there! 

FREE DELIVERY worth £99 on every arcade machine! 

*Please Note. Once you have purchased the custom arcade machine, one of our designers will be in touch to discuss your specific requirements and provide advice and support as well as receive your idea and/or imagery. 

**Please allow an additional 2 weeks on delivery time for custom made arcade machines. 

***If you would like to discuss your design before ordering, please email with the email title 'Custom Arcade Machine' - one of our team will be in touch. 

Key Gaming System information


  • 15,000+ games pre-loaded – yes you read that right, 15,000!
  • Plug & Play
  • Donkey Kong themed bezel – (arcade machine housing)
  • Hi-Score boards – available on most games
  • Games from the 70s, 80's, 90's arcade machines
  • Games from consoles like Megadrive, Sega, SNES, NES, Gameboy, MasterSystem, Atari, Playstation. 


  • 24” HD screen for premium visuals
  • 120-watt speakers complete with sub-woofer
  • Volume control & headphone integration
  • Illuminated marquee – so the machine is a great centrepiece in the day and night
  • Remote control for the multi-colour under glow


  • Hand-built in the UK for quality
  • High quality 8-way American style joystick
  • Illuminated buttons with chrome surround
  • Rear castors for easy positioning
  • The customisation is for the housing (themed bezel) only. For any other customisation, please email us directly. 


Here is an example of some of the games you can find on this amazing arcade gaming machine:

1942, After Burner, Air Wolf, Aliens, Altered Beast, Amidar, Asteroids, Bag Man, Bat Man, Bezerk, Bomb Jack, Bubble Bobble, Carnival, Centipede, Commando, Crash BandicootDefender, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, DOOM, Double Dragon, Frogger, Galaxian, Galaga, Gauntlet, Ghosts & Goblins, Golden Axe, Gorf, Hang On, Hyper Sports, Indiana & Temple of Doom, Joust, Kung Fu master, Lemmings, Marble Madness, Micro Machines, Mario (the platforms to Kart), Michael Jackson Moonwalker, Missile Command, Moon Cresta, Moon Patrol, Mortal Kombat 1, 2 , 3 , Mr Do, Ms. Pacman, NBA Jam, Operation Wolf, Out Run, Pac-Man, Pac-Land, Pac & Pal, Pac-Mania, Pang, Paperboy, Phoenix, Pole Position, Q Bert, R-Type, R-Type 2, Rainbow Islands, Rally X, Rampage, Star Wars, Star Wars Return of the Jedi, Star Wars Empire Strikes Back, Sonic the Hedgehog, Rolling Thunder, Scramble, Shinobi, vSpace Harrier, Space Invaders, Space Panic, Star Trek, Simpsons, Street Fighter 1,2, Champions Edition, Streets of Rage, Super Hang-on, Teenage Mutant Niga Turtles, Tempest, Terminator, Tetris, Time Pilot, Track & Field, Tron, Vanguard, Wonder Boy, WWF Wrestling, Zaxxon.

Plus 1000s of console games!!! Now tell us your man cave gaming nights won't go up a level! 

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